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'World No.1 B-boy Group'

2015.10 ~ 2016.02 [Maintained about 4 months]


National Bboy & Creative Performing Group, Fusion MC leads the world as one of the highest ranked

Bboy Teams that has taken on a large role performing & representing for what is the now global Korean Hallyu Culture.

Since it’s establishment, Fusion MC has won more than 30 World Bboy Championships and

in October of 2015 achieved the status of world’s top-ranked Bboy Team.

From the experience gained on countless world stages, Fusion MC holds a high-quality standard of performances

and work that includes Direct Planning & Coordination, Content Production, and Performance Distribution.

2019 Taiwan 'Taipei Bboy City'
2019 Taiwan 'Taipei Bboy City'
2019 France 'Melting Cup'
2019 France 'Melting Cup'
2019 China 'Battle King'
2019 China 'Battle King'
2019 Russia 'ROBC'
2019 Russia 'ROBC'
2019 France 'UNVSTI'
2019 France 'UNVSTI'
2016 Taiwan 'New Taipei Bboycity'
2016 Taiwan 'New Taipei Bboycity'
2015 Estonia 'B.O.E'
2015 Estonia 'B.O.E'
2015 China 'Hustle & Freeze'
2015 China 'Hustle & Freeze'
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Check our recent Video from Youtube​!

Fusion MC Promotional Video

Fusion MC has a variety of World-renowned Performances available for any specifications.


From the experience of more than over 1500 performances at home and abroad comes together

Fusion MC’s Original Bboy Performance, showcasing

the technology of Laser Art, LED Suits, Media & Videos, Holograms, and more.
All of this has been put together to provide the best performance experience for all kinds of audiences.

#National culture and arts business   #Corporate events   #Dispatch of overseas performance team

#Planning performance   #Youth cultural performances   #College festivals   #Year-end / New Year events

#Performance Production   #Judge   #Exhibition/Motor Show   #Congratulatory Performance

 Choice by 2016 ' KOCCA '
<Great Combination Performance of the Year>
Choice by 2018 Seoul Performing Arts Festival 
< SPAF Festival >

Fusion MC’s original Bboy performance

that has won more than 30 World Championships comes together

with World-Renowned Beatbox BigRoad in one amazing show!

With the Laser you will able to

Experience the best performance never seen before.



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주소 - address

5F 'Fusion MC' Studio, 11 Beomgol-ro


157beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do,

Republic of Korea




Tel : 031-836-3256 / 010-7357-3256

Fax : 031-837-3256

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